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Commercial Van Leasing and Contract Hire   

Vans are typically referred to as light commercial vehicles or commercial vehicles and almost all are leased under business terms. Whether a sole trader requiring a small van or large company looking to gain a fleet of vehicles, vans are an important commodity and a necessity for any business to remain mobile.

Being able to lease one or several commercial vans for your business not only means that every 2 to 4 years (on average) you can drive a brand-new van (offering you peace of mind that your using a vehicle that is under the manufacturer’s warranty) but leasing offers a number of additional benefits too.

Company image and improving your businesses future borrowing abilities are just two benefits that van leasing can open to you; particularly helpful if you are a small business looking to expand and create a good reputation. As Cort Vehicle Contracts Ltd have expert relations with funders and manufacturers, we can source the perfect vehicle from a dozen or more popular van manufacturers offering a wide choice of vehicles to choose from.

Our account managers will discuss the best solution for you and your business when assessing if van leasing is the best route when looking to fund a commercial vehicle. Explaining all aspects of a contract hire agreement, including ancillaries such as smart insurance (if available) and GAP insurance too. Also, when choosing to lease a van, there are factors such as Benefit In Kind (BIK).


Personal Van Lease

If you lease a van and use it for means other than for work or commuting to and from work, such as to do the weekly supermarket run, go on holiday or any other social activity, then you could end up paying a significant overhead. But, don’t be concerned, our expert team will gladly answer your questions on BIK payments.

With the ability to help our customers personalise their choice if van, with factory-fitted extras for example, engine spec, mileage allowances, chipboard shelving and panelling and vehicle colour, Cort Vehicle Contracts are waiting to assist you with your van leasing needs today.