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BMW Leasing and Contract Hire from CVC 

BMW is a name synonymous with quality, craftsmanship and performance; the ultimate driving experience. Originally a manufacturer of aeroplane engines, the company began building cars towards the end of the 1920’s with their first model being known as the Dixi car.

Now, a century later, the company have amassed a huge reputation as a leading prestige vehicle manufacturer, producing not only petrol and diesel vehicles but also a choice of hybrid and all electric vehicle models such as the i3 and the i8.

Their popularity also doesn’t four wheels either, as the BMW name is also highly respected in motorcycling circles as a market leader, producing a series of brilliant touring and cross-country motorcycles over many decades.

Today, BMW are one of the main vehicle manufacturers at the forefront of design and technology, their vehicles featuring some of the latest advancements in safety, comfort and engineering. With a wide and impressive range of vehicle models and trim levels to choose from, leasing a BMW has never been more bespoke and personalised, allowing you to choose any option on a factory-built vehicle order.

Whether choosing BMW’s MPV - the 2 Series Active Tourer, or perhaps a 5 Series M Sport – the perfect long-distance choice, there is a BMW model for everyone. Incorporating the use of turbo charged powerplants has made a huge difference across the range for fuel economy, providing vehicles with the same or increased performance from engines with smaller displacements.

Accounting for almost 7% of all new car sales in 2017, BMW saw an increase and if you’re wondering what the most popular BMW choice for drivers is today? Well, that would be the 3 Series.

At Cort Vehicle Contracts Ltd we have a wealth of experience in arranging the perfect BMW lease deals for our customers, whether taking out BMW contract hire or a personal lease on a new BMW. Comfort and refinement await you, whatever BMW model you end up selecting.